Built from our award-winning operations at the most iconic venues in the sports, our Hospitality division operates under the tenants of creating true partnerships, offering the best in quality, providing an unparalleled level of customer service and the dedicated, continuous pursuit to redefine the innovation landscape in the industry. It is a passion that matches the vision and shared values of our partners who play on the biggest stages, under the brightest of lights.

Food & Beverage

Whether we are serving hot dogs or a dry-age tenderloin sandwich, we follow the simple path to customer satisfaction through our core guidelines.  We LISTEN to the fans.  We employ a variety of investigative techniques and engage with outside professional organizations that help us understand exactly what the fan wants. VARIETY is key.  Fans want choices and we strive to provide the best, most appropriate array of options that appeal to them.  QUALITY is essential.  We design menus that feature only the highest-quality products and freshest ingredients.  DELIVER it fast!  Fans come to events to watch them live, not on the monitors at the concession stands.  We have made a commitment to developing techniques that make the food buying experience enjoyable and in a reasonable time period.


Our approach to merchandizing is simple, but unique. Satisfied Guests spend more money. We are not focused on the traditional margin based buying programs currently in place at other attractions. We see the value in using the merchandise program as an extension of our client’s brand. The goal is to offer a value proposition to the Guest, and more importantly, make a positive impression.

Suite Catering

We continue to transform the way we deliver services to suite holders. At Legends venues, this fan demographic is pampered in a way that further enhances the entertainment experience. We take pride in delivering a carefully honed execution of services that are unmatched in the industry. INTERACTION with our guests is paramount. A smiling face, a welcoming “Hello”, a “Can I help you?” at every turn. From the moment you step into a Legends venue, our Guests will feel like they are in a five-star dining environment. INNOVATION is at the center of what we do daily. We continually offer brilliant core menu items, but also focus on new locally inspired menu trends. PRESENTATION is our passion. Just having great tasting food isn’t enough. It must be presented in an upscale format that preserves the quality of the menu item. Our cuisine is served in portions and replenished accordingly, allowing us to maintain quality and freshness that others take for granted. Offering VALUE for every client. The discretionary spending ability of each guest is not important to us. We strive to offer the same perceived value regardless of the order.

Club & Restaurant Services

Legends fully UNDERSTANDS the need to deliver a restaurant-quality dining experience in a limited period of service time. While we can offer a la carte dining equal to any fine-dining establishment, we have seen tremendous success in offering an expanded menu, offering freshly prepared items via interactive chef stations as well. We get to KNOW our Guests. Many Guests at any particular venue are repeat customers. Our management staff is trained to interact with them and learn as much as possible about their likes and desires. EXCLUSIVITY is the goal. Our vision is to create an exclusive environment where the Guest feels that they are being entertained in an intimate social gathering as opposed to just being part of a large crowd.

Facility Design Services

We live it every day, so we have a SENSE for what works. Not only does Legends want to be involved in operating a venues food and beverage services, we also want to help in the design process. Currently, we staff a FULL-SERVICE FACILITY design department with experienced associates who specialize in: facility programming and space allocation; development of food service equipment schematic drawings and final construction documents; utility specifications and IT infrastructure development; construction management and project supervision; portable cart and kiosk design and infrastructure development.